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Mississauga Therapeutic Massage would like to invite you to join us on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We have opened our doors to help those who are ready to take charge of their health. Through the healing art of massage therapy, we like to assist every one of our clients, by providing hands on treatment, as well as giving everyone guided support, to better their health.

Through massage therapy, support from other healthcare provides, both western and alternative, we hope to achieve our goal in making you a healthier, happier being!
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Swedish Massage Therapy or Stress Reduction Massage
A relaxing full body massage which uses long, smooth, gliding strokes, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. Developed by Pir Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor in the 1700’s, Swedish massage offers many benefits. The main use of this massage is to improve oxygen flow and assist the release of waste build-up in tissues from an injury, exercise or in cases of poor circulation due to inactivity. Swedish massage also improves the health of skin tissue and stimulates the parasympathetic nerves, or “nerves of relaxation” that positively affect our emotions and give us a sense of wellbeing.

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Initial and Reassessment
All massage treatments require an examination of function or lack of, to determine which structures of your body are being affected. With your consent, your therapist will ask you a few questions regarding the problematic areas and will have you perform some movements specific to the structures affected. The assessment will show where massage is contraindicated, as well as where and what techniques will be helpful in your recovery.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy
Using more pressure than traditional Swedish techniques, Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy aid in the release of muscle tension, tissue adhesions and flushing of waste products. These massage techniques are good for tension headaches, back, neck and hip pain, shoulder problems, TMJ issues, post injury recovery period, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, and postural dysfunctions.

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Prenatal & Breast Massage
The process of creating life puts your body through many unpleasant changes. Massage during pregnancy is a comforting and supportive way to make this stage of your life enjoyable for you and baby. First and for most, massage keeps stress at bay, and improves circulation of important nutrients from mommy to baby, and helps to remove waste, to keep everyone healthy. During pregnancy the pelvis and surrounding structures stretches to make room for baby, your center of gravity is thrown off, and your hands and feet may swell because of water retention. You may also notice a shooting pain in one or both of your legs as the sciatic nerve may become impinges by the piriformis muscle in your hips. Massage to the lower back and hips, relieves muscle tension and reduces pain in these areas. With long, smooth strokes to the arms and legs, and gentle pressure to the hands and feet, massage gives mommy and baby a connected and stress free.

Breast massage during your pregnancy, alleviates tenderness from hormonal changes and helps to prepare for milk production.

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Postpartum, Breast, and Infant Massage
After the birth of your baby, your body is once again undergoing a transformation. The task of being a mother is both physically and mentally challenging. Breast tenderness from engorgement or over production of milk can be painful, especially if the milk ducts become plugged and infected. Post-partum massage relieves the painful pressure by improving drainage of fluid in the breast. Breast Massage also increases milk production for those with underactive glands.

Post-partum massage aids in recovery of overworked, sore muscles from labour, carrying, and feeding your baby. The best part of receiving massage during this period is the relief of mental and emotional stress that comes with motherhood. Having this time to yourself allows for better bonding with you and your baby, which is important in your baby’s development and your recovery. You may also request a demonstration of infant massage that teaches you techniques to sooth your baby, help him or her with tummy problems, and improve overall development of your infant.

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Aromatherapy Massage
Highly concentrated oils known as Essential Oil are extracted from plants, seeds, roots, flowers and herbs, are used to better our psychological and physical well-being. Essential oils are added to massage lotion and are directly applied to your skin during your massage treatment. The fragrance can be calming or energizing, and the oils can alleviate some physical ailments such as congestion from a cold or relief from pain. Aromatherapy massage is suggested for anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches and for general well-being.

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IndieHead Massage
Created in India thousands of years ago, an Indian head massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. Today, as part of modern massage therapy, the head massage is used to release tension within the muscles of HNS. As the therapist works through the areas, they may find trigger points, or microscopic spams of the muscle fibers. These trigger points along with general muscle tension contribute greatly to headaches, pain behind the eyes, unexplained ear aches and tooth aches, and problems with the movement and sometime pain in the joints of the jaw. Take away the trigger points – and your head will feel light as a feather! The head massage also increase circulation,bringing nutrient rich blood to the skin and muscles. This allows for repair of any damage, and supports energy production along with waste removal. This relieves muscle fatigue and all ailments explained above, but it is also great for esthetic reasons; improving the look and health of your skin and waking up your hair follicles for thicker longer hair.

The session can go anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, and the therapist may or may not use certain oils if requested. The massage includes gentle strokes, kneading, tapping of the face, and gentle pulling of the hair.

As a side note, although at the end of the treatment you may feel great, there is a chance that youwon't look great. Your hair will be messy, so bring in a hair brush or comb, or a hat or scarf to cover up before you go home, especially if oil has been used in your treatment. It is also not recommended to book your session at a time where you will be heading back to work or going out with friend's right after your treatment!

Deep Tissue Massage

Indian/AyurvedicFoot Massage
Unbelievably relaxing, aIndian foot massage has many benefits. Besides its effectiveness on reducing stress, it is also used to alleviate fatigue in the feet and legs, improves circulation, aids in detoxifying the body, and improves joint mobility in lower limbs and much more.

A typical treatmentbegins with first cleansing the feet in a warm foot soak that may or may not have added herbs or essential oils, or the application of witch hazelto disinfect the feet. Kneading with fingers and knuckles are the usual techniques used, but also includes massaging with a small metal bowl called a "Kasa bowl". As the therapist works through the soles of the feet, they are trying to stimulatecertain areas recognized in reflexology. These areas contain many millions of nerve endings that coincide with different parts of the body. Organs, nerve endings and energy pathways awaken, provoking the body to heal itself.

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Hot Stone Massage
Using heated Marble or Jade stones to massage the body can be relaxing and beneficial. As the heat from the stones promotes circulation it aids in detoxifying the body, while the pressure and gliding of the stones over the muscles relieves tension and pain.

To start, the therapist will place the heated stones on onearea of the body; to prepare that areafor the massage,and massage a different part. For instance, while their client is facing down, the therapist will place two large stones on the upper leg, one large stone on the calf, one medium sized stone at the arch above the ball of the foot, and four small stones between each toe. Once the stones are laid on both legs and feet, the legs are covered up with a blanket. The therapist while then move on to massage the back and arms. While using other heated stones the therapist will glide a stone on the full length of the back muscles or apply a stationary deeper pressure in areas of trigger points and adhesions. The process is repeated on all the other remaining areas.

Essential oils may be used during this massage for added benefits.

hot stone massage

Happy Baby, Happy Home:
A five week instructional program, once a week, tailored for parents of newborns; helping parents and/or primary caregivers bond with their baby through the art of massage therapy. The program may be done in the privacy of your home or in a group setting with other parents. Each session is between 45-90 minutes in length and all materials are supplied. At the end of each session parents will receive a take home gift to help encourage them to continue providing massage for their baby.

As beautiful and perfect as they are, we all know the precious cry of an infant with colic or gas can be stressful to both parent and baby. Massage can be a wonderful tool to help relieve baby's excess gas and tummy pain whilst bringing down parents stress level. Not only will you learn your baby's body language and how to communicate with your little one, you will also learn additional techniques for teething and releasing excess mucous in case of a cold.

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