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Mississauga Therapeutic Massage would like to invite you to join us on the path to a healthier lifestyle. We have opened our doors to help those who are ready to take charge of their health. Through the healing art of massage therapy, we like to assist every one of our clients, by providing hands on treatment, as well as giving everyone guided support, to better their health.

Through massage therapy, support from other healthcare provides, both western and alternative, we hope to achieve our goal in making you a healthier, happier being!






To help speed recovery and to maintain a healthy routine, it is a good idea to take good care for yourself between your massage treatments. Below are some self care techniques you could use at home.

Follow the time specific guidelines for all hydrotherapy applications provided on any heating device. The older you are, the shorter and cooler the application you should use. Speak with your doctor before trying any hydrotherapy techniques as some methods may aggravate certain conditions. Use caution especially if you have high blood pressure.

Epsom Salt Bath
Use 4 cups of Epsom salt for an 80 litre tub. Make the tub water as hot as you can tolerate without burning yourself. Pour and allow the Epsom salt to fully dissolve in the hot water. To prevent dehydration, drink a glass of cool water before, during and after your bath. Soak in the tub for 20 minutes followed by a cool slow flowing shower. Give yourself 30 minutes of rest time after the shower.

An Epsom salt bath is suggested right before bedtime, as it is quit relaxing and will help you with your sleep. These salts help to detoxify your body of waste build up and calm aching, tight muscles. Epsom salt also helps to restore your body’s need for magnesium, and is recommended after a workout or training, arthritis and stress.

Cold Applications
Ice packs are best used in situations of injury such as a sprained ankle, or bruised quadriceps. The cold helps to minimize the inflammatory process in response to such injuries. When applying a cold pack, place it in a thin towel or cloth to prevent the cold from damaging the skin. Apply for no longer than 20 minutes and decrease the time the application is on areas of less fat.

Meditation and Diaphragmatic Breathing
Find a quiet room where you know you will not be disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Find a comfortable spot to sit for your relaxation session. It is better to sit upright in a chair or a cushion rather than lying down, as this will prevent you from falling asleep. Before you start, place one hand on your stomach and the other on you chest. Now take a deep breath in through your nose; see that the hand on your stomach raises first and then the hand on your chest. This indicates that the air you inhaled has filled your lungs from bottom to top fully. Now place both hands down on your lap or at your sides, whichever is comfortable. You may also find it comfortable to turn your palms upwards towards the ceiling. Now again, inhale deep in through your nose, noticing your stomach rising, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Start practicing diaphragmatic breathing daily for 5-10 minutes while you are at home, in private, and set reminders for yourself to take in a deep breath throughout your day at work. Progressively increasing your time using this technique at home and work, you will notice your ability to handle stress improving. Your awareness of increasing tension will also improve. This will help you to take time out earlier so the tension doesn’t build up beyond your control.

Water Consumption
Drinking enough water throughout the day helps our bodies metabolize various substances that allow us to function properly. Each person requires 2.5 litres of water on an average day, and more is required in hot weather or when we are more active than usual. Many people are dehydrated and thus are not functioning at their optimal level. This increases stress and all that comes with it. It is recommended that you drink a glass of water after your massage treatment to aid your body in restoring itself, but also to help flush the body from all waste that has been released during your massage.